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Symptom List
Below is a small sampling of common symptoms. This list is not all inclusive. To see more symptoms view our Symptom List Poll

Common Symptom List

Severe Headache and Neck Pain---Most Common
Visual disturbances
Ringing in the ears
Difficulty swallowing
Sleep apnea
Muscle weakness
Impaired fine motor skills
Pulsatile Tinnitus
Chronic fatigue
Painful tingling of the hands and feet
Numbness in extremities
Memory loss
Back pain
Gag reflex issues
Neck pain

"Red Flag" Symptoms

The "Red Flag Symptoms" are related to brainstem compression; they generally occur in Chiari cases which are compounded by basilar invagination, basilar impression, retroflexion of the odontoid, and similar disorders.

The "Red Flag" Symptoms Are:

Severe swallowing problems
Severe nausea (the kind that makes you waste away below the 90 lbs mark)
Central sleep apnea

We conducted a non scientfic online survey of symptoms people are having with Chiari and related disorders. Here are the results.
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