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"Your Resource For Emotional And Tangible Support For Chiari And Related Disorders"

Here at Chiari Connection International (CCI) you will find the vast amount of Chiari and Related Disorders resources that we offer. Browse through the sections that we have to offer, including our "Doctor's Corner". There you will find common questions that are answered by the top experts in the Chiari field.

Looking for a Chiari doctor in your area? visit our "Chiari Doctors Map and List" Looking for Chiari articles?, visit our" Articles" section. Chiari Connection International has the Chiari resources that you need. In addition, our " Links" section has many sites that are very useful in gaining as much knowledge of Chiari and Related Disorders.

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Please note that all of the staff at Chiari Connection International are volunteers and have Chiari and many have other related disorders as well
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